Monday, October 31, 2016

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Strap In and Hang On

Look what happened Saturday afternoon. 

That is my baby boy behind the wheel of a Suburban.  Chip's first driving practice.  He doesn't have his permit or license yet, but we were flying high from the Bama win and I said out loud "We should go to the empty doctor's office parking lot and practice driving."  He was all in!  As with Harry, it was terrifying.  Those first few times turning the wheel and not getting it straightened back up.  Hitting the gas and the brake a little too hard or a little too soft.  Whew.  But all in all, he did great!  I think he is going to be a great driver.

On Sunday, my sweet neighbor needed some help figuring out how to connect her phone to her wi-fi in her house.  Somehow it had stopped connecting automatically when she walked through the door.  Miraculously, I was able to help her.  It was seriously a miracle.  While I was in her house she asked me if I wanted one of her "ship to your house, ready to cook meals".  She is heading out of town and wasn't going to be able to cook it before she left.  I said YES!

Y'all.  It was so good!  The ingredients were  fresh and all packaged so neatly, along with simple directions (and pictures).  Everything you needed to cook the entire meal was included except for salt, pepper and olive oil.

Since the boys were at the F1 race on Sunday, I decided this meal kit could be my lunch.  Also, I couldn't wait to try it!  In no time, I whipped up two mini Caramelized Onion and Kale Quiches that were DELICIOUS!  (I am typing in all caps, because I really, really mean it.  SCRUMPTIOUS!)   It also came with a Frisee and Pear salad with a vinaigrette dressing.  Drooling as I type.  I had one for lunch on Sunday and the other for a late breakfast on Monday.

I think the meal service is a little pricey - but definitely a restaurant quality meal and super fun to unbox and cook.  Neat ingredients that you might not buy on the regular.  And the cute little bags and bottles.    Like opening a present.  I thought it might be worth it to get a fun meal delivered once a week, but when I perused the website there was hardly anything my boys would be likely to try.  They are not very adventurous.  So, maybe I can just order one now and again for myself!  

In other news….

Related to adventurous eating…...Harry tried potato soup this weekend and he loved it.  Said he will never be able to go to this particular restaurant and not get the soup.  Who is this guy?   Way to expand your palate buddy!

My brother's wife, Ms. Tennessee, accidentally ran over his head with a golf cart this weekend.  That is not a story you hear every day.  He was under the cart checking something on the brake line and asked her to step on the brakes.  She accidentally stepped on the gas and ran over his face and head.  He has a tread mark on his cheek.  It hurt like hell and he cussed and screamed.  A golf cart is heavy.  He is fine.  She felt terrible.  It was also his birthday weekend.  Welcome to 43!  It's going to be a doozy of a year!

The Tide is off this weekend.  Yay!  Go rest up boys!  LSU is coming up!

Our Bible Study ended last night.  It was so, so good!   Beth Moore is a gifted teacher and speaker.  The crew that shows up at my house to learn about Jesus are so real and good and honest and darling and just the best.  I love them.

I was introduced to my two new little reading buddies this morning.  Two little first grade boys that I wanted to scoop up the minute I laid eyes on them.  PRECIOUS!  Absolutely darling tiny little people.  I can't wait to read with them this year!

Pumpkin Spice latte.  Treat yourself.

Hubby told me about a dream he had last night…all I heard was digging, octopus, Power Wheels truck.    I think he needs less caffeine at night and maybe a shot of Nyquil.  What the corn?

Hope the week is off to a spectacular start for you!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Heiress to the Empire

Yesterday Chip said "You have Can Men all over the place!"  I said "Duh, I am an heiress to the Can Man empire.  My parents own the whole damn factory."

How lucky is he that is also in line to inherit some small fraction of that booming business?

Booming, might be an exaggeration.

If you guys haven't heard, Bob and Lana have started asking $10 for a Can Man.  That almost covers the cost of what it costs for them to make one.  Almost.  This monetary suggestion is just a suggestion and comes after giving away approximately one hundred of their Can Men.

My empire has zero monetary value.

But they sure have put some smiles on peoples faces.

That is just good business!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Rattling Around in the Old Noggin

I am going to pound out a few quick thoughts.   No, they are not Tidbits and there may or may not be Ten, so this is completely different than my recently posted Top Ten Tidbits.  

I am uninspired to come up with a title or write more than two sentences at a time.

Bear with me.

So what profound nonsense is rattling around in the old noggin today? 
  • Harry got the Men's Basketball reporting gig he wanted.  Super happy for him.  He will be writing for Devils in the Details.  Can't wait to read his coverage!
  • The cold front is here!  Hallelujah!  It is breezy as all get out and the temps are dropping!
  • We drug out the watercolors while Lana was here.  I am totally digging painting with watercolors.  There are such pretty colors! 

Can you tell what these are? 

  • This Is Us - hands down, the best new show on television.  I love it.  Followed very closely by Designated Survivor.  Also a major fan.  If you are not watching these two shows, do yourself a favor and DVR them.  Just trust me. 
  • What are you watching that you love?  Share.
  • I haven't had any alcohol in about a six weeks.  Just making sure I could go without.  Took that out of my friend Liz's playbook (Hey Liz!)  Good news…. I missed it, but not too bad.  The alcohol hiatus ends tonight!  I grabbed a bottle of Yellow Tail at the store today.  I am making Chicken Parmesan for dinner and that just goes perfectly with a little Merlot. 
  • Speaking of wine and chicken parmesan….my Whole30 ended up being a Whole16…screwed up on Day 16.  I blame my period.  Although it is now 3 days late and in this peri-menopausal stage I am in, there is absolutely no telling when or if it will ever start again.  Hormones are real.  I love being a woman.  It is the best. 
  • Have you seen the clip of the Chicago Cubs player Rizzo apologizing to the umpire.  What a nice kid.  I am joining his fan club.
  • I am trying to get Bob and Lana to watch The Office from the beginning to the end.  They are not cooperating.  We have been watching and re-watching various clips and that show just cracks us up.  
  • Only one more week left in our Bible Study.  It has been a great one.  
  • Harry is watching House Hunters on the regular.  His favorite is House Hunters Tiny Houses.  He had me cracking up with his commentary on the show!  Ask him about it when you see him. 
  • Me and Martha saw and heard two owls on our walk yesterday morning.  Owls are so cool. 
  • Chip's friends are starting to get their driver's permits.  AACCKKKKK!!!!  Can it already be time?   
  • I had lunch with my friend and old neighbor Karen yesterday.  I miss her.  I am also super jazzed about visiting her house when it is done.  It is going to be spectacular.  Also, her daughter might be heading to ASU for her Master's degree.  Goooo Devils! 
  • I feel a house purge coming on…something about the seasons changing makes we want to clean closets!  
That's it for now folks!  

Tomorrow is Friday!  Woo Hoo!  

Monday, October 17, 2016

Top Ten Tidbits

We had company in town recently and I got derailed from my regular blogging, bed making, doing a load of laundry routine!  I am all out of whack!  Let's see if we can right this ship and bang out a quick Top Ten to start off the week:

1.  Harry flew into town during his fall break to get his wisdom teeth removed.  During our consultation on Thursday afternoon, the dentist said his upper wisdom teeth were in his sinus cavity and it would likely cause a tear.  Not that unusual in the wisdom teeth world, but a problem for us because repairing a hole in your sinuses restricts your ability to fly for about 3 weeks.  Hmmm, Harry was supposed to fly back to school four days after having his wisdom teeth removed.  That wasn't going to work.  Would we be driving him back?  The dentist thought Harry could postpone the surgery a bit longer and get them removed at Christmas break.  It might be pushing it - but if Harry will swish his mouth with diluted Hydrogen Peroxide twice daily to avoid an infection he can make it until December.  I was much happier with that plan and we busted out of there with an appointment in December and a weekend of regular food and no ice packs!  Hooray!

2. Bob and Lana's visit was great.  We didn't do any big projects but there was laughter, crafts, football and food!  They brought a new card game with them..."99 or Bust"…. and it was great fun for the whole family (even though there was math involved!)   If you want to buy it, they found it on Amazon.

3.  Do I want a puppy?  I really think I do.  Then, I think I don't.  Mostly, I don't because adding in "letting out a puppy, feeding a puppy and letting a puppy out again" to my 4:30 a.m. morning routine would be a game changer.  Would I have to get up at 4:15?  That is early.  Can I still squeeze in coffee and a bathroom break for myself before walking.  I know it wouldn't be forever but it would definitely be a schedule challenge.

4.  Freshman football has given us some exciting games, even though they didn't get the "W" for the last couple of weeks.  My Chip is getting so consistent with his hikes that I don't even think about it any more.  It's like he has always been a center.  After last weeks game, Chip came up in his sweaty football gear and gave me a big hug and thanked me for coming.  He does that every week.  Some moms were standing next to us and they said "Wow, I don't get that."  Made me proud and grateful.  Then yesterday, when I wanted him to get the Halloween decorations out of the attic he said "Why can't you do it?" and I wanted to throat punch him.  So, it all evens out.

5.  Me and Chip volunteered with a playgroup for kids with disabilities this past weekend.  We played kickball and had a blast.  Highlight….a little pumpkin that wanted to give me a high ten every time he got on base.  By the time it was over, we were counting by tens up to 100 every time he advanced.  Kickball and counting by tens…smiles all around.  Lowlight….Chip was throwing the ball around, trying to intentionally miss a kid who was racing around the bases.  The kid took a wacky turn and Chip's ball hit him in the feet and knocked him to the ground. Whoops.  The kid was okay, but Chip felt terrible.  Met and chatted with some sweet mommas.  They are nurturing warriors.  Mothering those sweet kids and giving them every opportunity possible to excel exactly right where they are.  I wanted to hug them all.  So I did.

6.  Halloween candy.  Will be the death of me.

7.  Harry is doing great in school.  Trying out for some new reporting positions.  Fingers crossed he gets what he is hoping for.  He is also going to lots of Fall League baseball games.  He saw Tim Tebow play.  Said he wasn't too bad.  After Harry's flat tire and dead battery, we finally got around to getting a AAA membership. How much do you want to bet he never needs it now?  I am okay with that!  But how much do you want to bet that if he needs it, he won't remember he has it?  Note to the  global internet community…or to the four people who read this nonsense….if I start bellyaching about something going on with Harry's truck, please remind me we have AAA.

8.  How about the Crimson Tide? They sure looked good against Tennessee.  Not sure they will hold up against Texas A&M this weekend.  Should be a doozy.  I did hear one announcer this weekend ask "What team out there can beat Alabama?" and the other announcer said "Maybe the Dallas Cowboys."  I thought that was funny.  Nick Saban sure has some excellent athletes and he always seems to have them prepared.

9.  For some random reason, Chip got out some nerf guns this weekend.  I haven't seen a nerf gun in two years and now I am finding nerf bullets all over the house.

10.  My fall holiday Can Men are out and about!

Have an awesome Monday!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Bob and Lana Are Coming

Bob and Lana are coming!  Bob and Lana are coming!  

My folks should be rolling in here around 3:00 this afternoon and will be here until Monday.  It has been a while since they have made the trip to Texas, so I am very much looking forward to spending some quality time with them.   They texted me this morning and told me they were stopping for lunch to get something full of fat before they arrive at the Whole 30 house.  They are scared.  They should know we have a stock of Little Debbie's and their goodie basket is filled with all kinds of junk food for their stay.  I don't have any major plans, projects or renovations to tackle while they are here, but we will watch some Dragon freshman football, maybe get an oil change, do a little shopping, eating, etc.  It will be a great visit no matter what we do.  

In honor of their upcoming visit…let's look at a few pictures from previous visits:

And pictures of Bob's area on the kitchen counter:

We will be making more memories!  

Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekend in Review

First, let's cover the Whole30 Challenge I started on Saturday.  Day Three has dawned and I am doing great.  No cravings, faced a couple of challenges over the weekend, but so far so good.  Here are a few meals I have eaten…

Sweet potato mashed with garlic and onions - topped with an egg - baked in the oven until set and  then topped with some crumbled bacon and fresh herbs from my little garden.  Delicious. 

Hamburger patty with onions and mushrooms and a small salad topped with a balsamic vinaigrette.  I think those leftovers will be lunch for today! 

Baked potato topped with taco meat, avocado, olives, tomatoes and jalapeƱos. 

Some pretty hardy meals.  A plate full of food.  But, I have not been snacking between meals.  Not really hungry. Feeling satisfied.  The hard days are coming.  I know that from past experience. Sugar demons are hard to conquer. 

I am going to document the challenges I overcame this weekend to give myself a well deserved pat on the back…and provide some inspiration for myself in the days to come!  One meal at a time.  One bite at a time.  Put real food in your body.  The end.  
  • Chip and I volunteered at the Chalk Walk this weekend.  It is a little festival in our town featuring some super cool chalk art.  In addition to the cool art….there was fair food everywhere!  Fried oreos, kettle corn, footlong corn dogs, snow cones, empanadas, funnel cakes.  The smells coming from those food vendors were super tempting.  We did a four hour shift on clean up committee so we patrolled all over that festival, picking up trash wherever we found it. It also meant we walked by the food vendors at least 75 times.  Nothing for me.  I'll take some water, please.  What a champ! 
  • I had "Book Club" last night at a cool little spot downtown.  (I put the "Book Club" in parentheses because we quit making it about books months ago.  Now we just call it Club.  Just a reason to get together with some really cool ladies and visit.)  The menu looked amazing, but I ate before I went.  The other girls had also already eaten, so they just ordered dessert….and wine.  I do miss wine. The desserts looked amazing…bread pudding served in a cast iron skillet with ice cream, chocolate swirl cake, cheesecake with bananas, bacon and caramel.  What?  Nothing for me.  I'll take some water, please.   Honestly, it wasn't too hard.  Proud of myself.
So, Day 1 and 2 were a piece of cake.  Day 3, I have Bible Study tonight and there will be snacks put out for the ladies, but I will plan to eat dinner early and just enjoy a cup of coffee.  Day 4 and 5 were hard last time, but Bob and Lana will be rolling into town, so that will be a great distraction!  Then Harry will be home and operation Wisdom Teeth Removal will be underway!  By the time, they head out I will be on Day 11 and it is downhill from there! 

A few other random topics….

Alabama looked good this weekend against Kentucky.  We have Arkansas (#16) this weekend.  Should be a good game.  Tennessee (#9) and A&M (#8) coming up at the end of October.  Yikes!  Talk about running into a buzz saw!  Not sure the Tide can pull off an undefeated October - but we will be yelling for them!  I sure like watching that freshman quarterback, Jalen Hurts.  He is unlike any Alabama QB I can remember.  

So, about that Chalk Walk….

This is chalk.  In a parking lot spot.  Isn't it amazing?  This lady won first place.  Her finished product was beautiful.  I can't stand the thought of it raining! 

These butterflies are everywhere.  There is some kind of migration happening that has hundreds, maybe thousands, of these beauties in the neighborhood.  I don't remember them from years past.  Not sure how long it will last, but I was so happy to have my phone with me on a walk to get a quick picture.  There were  probably fifty of them flitting around this bush in my neighbors yard. 

We need a new mattress.  Why is that such a daunting task?  So expensive that you just want to make sure you get a good one.  Should we upgrade to a king size or just stick with the queen size we have always had?  Will that require an upgrade to the bedroom furniture we have had since before we were married?  If we get  a kingsize mattress, at a minimum we will certainly need new sheets, new comforter, new bed skirt.  Ugh.  Even typing that, I already want to stick to a queen. Snowball affect of upsizing would be a pain.  Any recommendations on a mattress you absolutely love?

Wonder what will grow in my raised vegetable garden in the winter?  May try some lettuce varieties.

Hubby came home from a week in Boston late on Saturday night.  Sunday morning he was up and at 'em early.  I failed to tell him I bought a new coffee pot while he was gone.  He was a bit traumatized.  He ran it without any coffee in it the first time.  Made some nice hot water.  Change is hard.

Hope your weekend was great and that Monday is kind to you.  Have a great week ahead!