Thursday, October 20, 2016

Rattling Around in the Old Noggin

I am going to pound out a few quick thoughts.   No, they are not Tidbits and there may or may not be Ten, so this is completely different than my recently posted Top Ten Tidbits.  

I am uninspired to come up with a title or write more than two sentences at a time.

Bear with me.

So what profound nonsense is rattling around in the old noggin today? 
  • Harry got the Men's Basketball reporting gig he wanted.  Super happy for him.  He will be writing for Devils in the Details.  Can't wait to read his coverage!
  • The cold front is here!  Hallelujah!  It is breezy as all get out and the temps are dropping!
  • We drug out the watercolors while Lana was here.  I am totally digging painting with watercolors.  There are such pretty colors! 

Can you tell what these are? 

  • This Is Us - hands down, the best new show on television.  I love it.  Followed very closely by Designated Survivor.  Also a major fan.  If you are not watching these two shows, do yourself a favor and DVR them.  Just trust me. 
  • What are you watching that you love?  Share.
  • I haven't had any alcohol in about a six weeks.  Just making sure I could go without.  Took that out of my friend Liz's playbook (Hey Liz!)  Good news…. I missed it, but not too bad.  The alcohol hiatus ends tonight!  I grabbed a bottle of Yellow Tail at the store today.  I am making Chicken Parmesan for dinner and that just goes perfectly with a little Merlot. 
  • Speaking of wine and chicken parmesan….my Whole30 ended up being a Whole16…screwed up on Day 16.  I blame my period.  Although it is now 3 days late and in this peri-menopausal stage I am in, there is absolutely no telling when or if it will ever start again.  Hormones are real.  I love being a woman.  It is the best. 
  • Have you seen the clip of the Chicago Cubs player Rizzo apologizing to the umpire.  What a nice kid.  I am joining his fan club.
  • I am trying to get Bob and Lana to watch The Office from the beginning to the end.  They are not cooperating.  We have been watching and re-watching various clips and that show just cracks us up.  
  • Only one more week left in our Bible Study.  It has been a great one.  
  • Harry is watching House Hunters on the regular.  His favorite is House Hunters Tiny Houses.  He had me cracking up with his commentary on the show!  Ask him about it when you see him. 
  • Me and Martha saw and heard two owls on our walk yesterday morning.  Owls are so cool. 
  • Chip's friends are starting to get their driver's permits.  AACCKKKKK!!!!  Can it already be time?   
  • I had lunch with my friend and old neighbor Karen yesterday.  I miss her.  I am also super jazzed about visiting her house when it is done.  It is going to be spectacular.  Also, her daughter might be heading to ASU for her Master's degree.  Goooo Devils! 
  • I feel a house purge coming on…something about the seasons changing makes we want to clean closets!  
That's it for now folks!  

Tomorrow is Friday!  Woo Hoo!  

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