Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Strap In and Hang On

Look what happened Saturday afternoon. 

That is my baby boy behind the wheel of a Suburban.  Chip's first driving practice.  He doesn't have his permit or license yet, but we were flying high from the Bama win and I said out loud "We should go to the empty doctor's office parking lot and practice driving."  He was all in!  As with Harry, it was terrifying.  Those first few times turning the wheel and not getting it straightened back up.  Hitting the gas and the brake a little too hard or a little too soft.  Whew.  But all in all, he did great!  I think he is going to be a great driver.

On Sunday, my sweet neighbor needed some help figuring out how to connect her phone to her wi-fi in her house.  Somehow it had stopped connecting automatically when she walked through the door.  Miraculously, I was able to help her.  It was seriously a miracle.  While I was in her house she asked me if I wanted one of her "ship to your house, ready to cook meals".  She is heading out of town and wasn't going to be able to cook it before she left.  I said YES!

Y'all.  It was so good!  The ingredients were  fresh and all packaged so neatly, along with simple directions (and pictures).  Everything you needed to cook the entire meal was included except for salt, pepper and olive oil.

Since the boys were at the F1 race on Sunday, I decided this meal kit could be my lunch.  Also, I couldn't wait to try it!  In no time, I whipped up two mini Caramelized Onion and Kale Quiches that were DELICIOUS!  (I am typing in all caps, because I really, really mean it.  SCRUMPTIOUS!)   It also came with a Frisee and Pear salad with a vinaigrette dressing.  Drooling as I type.  I had one for lunch on Sunday and the other for a late breakfast on Monday.

I think the meal service is a little pricey - but definitely a restaurant quality meal and super fun to unbox and cook.  Neat ingredients that you might not buy on the regular.  And the cute little bags and bottles.    Like opening a present.  I thought it might be worth it to get a fun meal delivered once a week, but when I perused the website there was hardly anything my boys would be likely to try.  They are not very adventurous.  So, maybe I can just order one now and again for myself!  

In other news….

Related to adventurous eating…...Harry tried potato soup this weekend and he loved it.  Said he will never be able to go to this particular restaurant and not get the soup.  Who is this guy?   Way to expand your palate buddy!

My brother's wife, Ms. Tennessee, accidentally ran over his head with a golf cart this weekend.  That is not a story you hear every day.  He was under the cart checking something on the brake line and asked her to step on the brakes.  She accidentally stepped on the gas and ran over his face and head.  He has a tread mark on his cheek.  It hurt like hell and he cussed and screamed.  A golf cart is heavy.  He is fine.  She felt terrible.  It was also his birthday weekend.  Welcome to 43!  It's going to be a doozy of a year!

The Tide is off this weekend.  Yay!  Go rest up boys!  LSU is coming up!

Our Bible Study ended last night.  It was so, so good!   Beth Moore is a gifted teacher and speaker.  The crew that shows up at my house to learn about Jesus are so real and good and honest and darling and just the best.  I love them.

I was introduced to my two new little reading buddies this morning.  Two little first grade boys that I wanted to scoop up the minute I laid eyes on them.  PRECIOUS!  Absolutely darling tiny little people.  I can't wait to read with them this year!

Pumpkin Spice latte.  Treat yourself.

Hubby told me about a dream he had last night…all I heard was digging, octopus, Power Wheels truck.    I think he needs less caffeine at night and maybe a shot of Nyquil.  What the corn?

Hope the week is off to a spectacular start for you!

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