Monday, October 17, 2016

Top Ten Tidbits

We had company in town recently and I got derailed from my regular blogging, bed making, doing a load of laundry routine!  I am all out of whack!  Let's see if we can right this ship and bang out a quick Top Ten to start off the week:

1.  Harry flew into town during his fall break to get his wisdom teeth removed.  During our consultation on Thursday afternoon, the dentist said his upper wisdom teeth were in his sinus cavity and it would likely cause a tear.  Not that unusual in the wisdom teeth world, but a problem for us because repairing a hole in your sinuses restricts your ability to fly for about 3 weeks.  Hmmm, Harry was supposed to fly back to school four days after having his wisdom teeth removed.  That wasn't going to work.  Would we be driving him back?  The dentist thought Harry could postpone the surgery a bit longer and get them removed at Christmas break.  It might be pushing it - but if Harry will swish his mouth with diluted Hydrogen Peroxide twice daily to avoid an infection he can make it until December.  I was much happier with that plan and we busted out of there with an appointment in December and a weekend of regular food and no ice packs!  Hooray!

2. Bob and Lana's visit was great.  We didn't do any big projects but there was laughter, crafts, football and food!  They brought a new card game with them..."99 or Bust"…. and it was great fun for the whole family (even though there was math involved!)   If you want to buy it, they found it on Amazon.

3.  Do I want a puppy?  I really think I do.  Then, I think I don't.  Mostly, I don't because adding in "letting out a puppy, feeding a puppy and letting a puppy out again" to my 4:30 a.m. morning routine would be a game changer.  Would I have to get up at 4:15?  That is early.  Can I still squeeze in coffee and a bathroom break for myself before walking.  I know it wouldn't be forever but it would definitely be a schedule challenge.

4.  Freshman football has given us some exciting games, even though they didn't get the "W" for the last couple of weeks.  My Chip is getting so consistent with his hikes that I don't even think about it any more.  It's like he has always been a center.  After last weeks game, Chip came up in his sweaty football gear and gave me a big hug and thanked me for coming.  He does that every week.  Some moms were standing next to us and they said "Wow, I don't get that."  Made me proud and grateful.  Then yesterday, when I wanted him to get the Halloween decorations out of the attic he said "Why can't you do it?" and I wanted to throat punch him.  So, it all evens out.

5.  Me and Chip volunteered with a playgroup for kids with disabilities this past weekend.  We played kickball and had a blast.  Highlight….a little pumpkin that wanted to give me a high ten every time he got on base.  By the time it was over, we were counting by tens up to 100 every time he advanced.  Kickball and counting by tens…smiles all around.  Lowlight….Chip was throwing the ball around, trying to intentionally miss a kid who was racing around the bases.  The kid took a wacky turn and Chip's ball hit him in the feet and knocked him to the ground. Whoops.  The kid was okay, but Chip felt terrible.  Met and chatted with some sweet mommas.  They are nurturing warriors.  Mothering those sweet kids and giving them every opportunity possible to excel exactly right where they are.  I wanted to hug them all.  So I did.

6.  Halloween candy.  Will be the death of me.

7.  Harry is doing great in school.  Trying out for some new reporting positions.  Fingers crossed he gets what he is hoping for.  He is also going to lots of Fall League baseball games.  He saw Tim Tebow play.  Said he wasn't too bad.  After Harry's flat tire and dead battery, we finally got around to getting a AAA membership. How much do you want to bet he never needs it now?  I am okay with that!  But how much do you want to bet that if he needs it, he won't remember he has it?  Note to the  global internet community…or to the four people who read this nonsense….if I start bellyaching about something going on with Harry's truck, please remind me we have AAA.

8.  How about the Crimson Tide? They sure looked good against Tennessee.  Not sure they will hold up against Texas A&M this weekend.  Should be a doozy.  I did hear one announcer this weekend ask "What team out there can beat Alabama?" and the other announcer said "Maybe the Dallas Cowboys."  I thought that was funny.  Nick Saban sure has some excellent athletes and he always seems to have them prepared.

9.  For some random reason, Chip got out some nerf guns this weekend.  I haven't seen a nerf gun in two years and now I am finding nerf bullets all over the house.

10.  My fall holiday Can Men are out and about!

Have an awesome Monday!

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