Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekend in Review

First, let's cover the Whole30 Challenge I started on Saturday.  Day Three has dawned and I am doing great.  No cravings, faced a couple of challenges over the weekend, but so far so good.  Here are a few meals I have eaten…

Sweet potato mashed with garlic and onions - topped with an egg - baked in the oven until set and  then topped with some crumbled bacon and fresh herbs from my little garden.  Delicious. 

Hamburger patty with onions and mushrooms and a small salad topped with a balsamic vinaigrette.  I think those leftovers will be lunch for today! 

Baked potato topped with taco meat, avocado, olives, tomatoes and jalapeños. 

Some pretty hardy meals.  A plate full of food.  But, I have not been snacking between meals.  Not really hungry. Feeling satisfied.  The hard days are coming.  I know that from past experience. Sugar demons are hard to conquer. 

I am going to document the challenges I overcame this weekend to give myself a well deserved pat on the back…and provide some inspiration for myself in the days to come!  One meal at a time.  One bite at a time.  Put real food in your body.  The end.  
  • Chip and I volunteered at the Chalk Walk this weekend.  It is a little festival in our town featuring some super cool chalk art.  In addition to the cool art….there was fair food everywhere!  Fried oreos, kettle corn, footlong corn dogs, snow cones, empanadas, funnel cakes.  The smells coming from those food vendors were super tempting.  We did a four hour shift on clean up committee so we patrolled all over that festival, picking up trash wherever we found it. It also meant we walked by the food vendors at least 75 times.  Nothing for me.  I'll take some water, please.  What a champ! 
  • I had "Book Club" last night at a cool little spot downtown.  (I put the "Book Club" in parentheses because we quit making it about books months ago.  Now we just call it Club.  Just a reason to get together with some really cool ladies and visit.)  The menu looked amazing, but I ate before I went.  The other girls had also already eaten, so they just ordered dessert….and wine.  I do miss wine. The desserts looked amazing…bread pudding served in a cast iron skillet with ice cream, chocolate swirl cake, cheesecake with bananas, bacon and caramel.  What?  Nothing for me.  I'll take some water, please.   Honestly, it wasn't too hard.  Proud of myself.
So, Day 1 and 2 were a piece of cake.  Day 3, I have Bible Study tonight and there will be snacks put out for the ladies, but I will plan to eat dinner early and just enjoy a cup of coffee.  Day 4 and 5 were hard last time, but Bob and Lana will be rolling into town, so that will be a great distraction!  Then Harry will be home and operation Wisdom Teeth Removal will be underway!  By the time, they head out I will be on Day 11 and it is downhill from there! 

A few other random topics….

Alabama looked good this weekend against Kentucky.  We have Arkansas (#16) this weekend.  Should be a good game.  Tennessee (#9) and A&M (#8) coming up at the end of October.  Yikes!  Talk about running into a buzz saw!  Not sure the Tide can pull off an undefeated October - but we will be yelling for them!  I sure like watching that freshman quarterback, Jalen Hurts.  He is unlike any Alabama QB I can remember.  

So, about that Chalk Walk….

This is chalk.  In a parking lot spot.  Isn't it amazing?  This lady won first place.  Her finished product was beautiful.  I can't stand the thought of it raining! 

These butterflies are everywhere.  There is some kind of migration happening that has hundreds, maybe thousands, of these beauties in the neighborhood.  I don't remember them from years past.  Not sure how long it will last, but I was so happy to have my phone with me on a walk to get a quick picture.  There were  probably fifty of them flitting around this bush in my neighbors yard. 

We need a new mattress.  Why is that such a daunting task?  So expensive that you just want to make sure you get a good one.  Should we upgrade to a king size or just stick with the queen size we have always had?  Will that require an upgrade to the bedroom furniture we have had since before we were married?  If we get  a kingsize mattress, at a minimum we will certainly need new sheets, new comforter, new bed skirt.  Ugh.  Even typing that, I already want to stick to a queen. Snowball affect of upsizing would be a pain.  Any recommendations on a mattress you absolutely love?

Wonder what will grow in my raised vegetable garden in the winter?  May try some lettuce varieties.

Hubby came home from a week in Boston late on Saturday night.  Sunday morning he was up and at 'em early.  I failed to tell him I bought a new coffee pot while he was gone.  He was a bit traumatized.  He ran it without any coffee in it the first time.  Made some nice hot water.  Change is hard.

Hope your weekend was great and that Monday is kind to you.  Have a great week ahead! 

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