Thursday, November 10, 2016

Bob Chronicles - Fifteenth in a Series

It has been awhile since I have written about Bob's antics, but I just have to share what happened to him this past weekend.

There are actually two stories…they happened one day after the other.

Let's start with lunch on Saturday…this will be fifteenth in the Bob Chronicles series.  Tomorrow I will share the other story.  Come back.  YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS #16.

Bob was home alone working on can men in the garage, as he is apt to do on any given day.  It was spray paint day, so he had on his grungy clothes and was spraying cans up and down the garage assembly line.

About 11:22 a.m. (it seriously was probably exactly 11:22, because Bob is on an eating schedule!) he started to get a little hungry.  He grabbed his wallet and keys and jumped in his car and headed for the border….Taco Bell.

It was packed.   But, he was feeling some tacos, so given his paint covered clothes he decided to wait in the drive-thru line.

A couple of things to note:

1) Bob's Taco Bell has one of those drive-thru lanes that has a curb on either side, so once you get in the line, you are trapped.

2)  There were about eight cars in front of him, so he had some time to kill.

Bob cranks up the tunes in his car to listen as he is waiting.  His mouth was watering just thinking about those yummy tacos.  Every time a car would inch up in front of him, he would pull up a little too.   Like a normal person.

It was about four songs into his wait, when he realized he had driven right past the speaker to order and was almost up to the paying window.  What?  How?  Who does that?  Forgot to order?  More importantly…NOW WHAT?

He was trapped!  He couldn't get out of line because of the curb thing.

What do you think he did?

If you said, opened his car door and ran back to the speaker to place his order….ding, ding, ding…..that is the correct answer!

The lady that was placing her order in the car behind him didn't know what to think when he started walking from his car up to the menu board.  She slowly rolled her window up as Bob approached.  He smiled kindly at her and mouthed through her closed car window "I forgot to place my order."

Then he commences to calling someone through the speaker "Hello?  Hello?  Is anyone there?"  The Taco Bell employee answers with "Yes."  Bob explains that he has accidentally passed the speaker without ordering and could he please have a number 8 with a diet pepsi.

Once he places his order, he starts heading back to his car when he hears "Do you want beef or chicken?"  He hustles back to the speaker "Beef will be fine."  Again, he turns and heads to his car "Do you want crunchy or soft?"  Oh Lord.  He runs back again "Soft, please."  Then one final time as he has his hand on the car door "Sir, we are out of Diet Pepsi."  He hustles back one last time and says "Regular is fine."

By the time he has completed his order, gotten his steps in for the day and seated himself back in his car, there are no cars left in front of him and he pulls directly up to the window to pay.

My sweet Dad.  What a hot mess.

Obviously, he can't ever go back to Taco Bell or any other drive-thru that he can't escape when he forgets to place his order.   Escape route is a must.

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