Friday, November 18, 2016

Thanksgiving Games

I sent out the below email to my family in Bama in preparation for our annual Thanksgiving festivities.  I thought I would share it here, in case anyone wants to borrow some of our game ideas to use with your own families!   It is going to be so fun!  

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Hello there family and friends!  It is time to start getting in shape, limbering up and stretching out for the traditional Family Thanksgiving Games!   I am going to pretend I did not hear a universal groan go out among the crowd reading this!!!  Pipe down!   It is going to be so much fun and you don't want to miss it!  I mean, nothing says Happy Thanksgiving like running with a plunger between your legs.  Am I right? 

Please note, these games are mandatory for my husband and anyone that is blood related to me and under the age of 25 (unless you have a doctor's excuse for a current injury).  Otherwise, it is not mandatory but you are more than welcome to participate.  In fact, you are highly encouraged to participate.  The more the merrier! 

So, what do we have lined up you ask?  Let me tell you!  

1.  We will start off with the non-traditional frisbee football game.  Team Captains….Hubby and Guk.  Cheerleader team captain is The Queen.  The Queen has traditionally had a very weak turnout for cheer tryouts, so if you can shake a pom-pom or yell loudly, please plan to join the sideline cheer section.  No prior experience required.  Bob will be official photographer and if he needs to zoom in on are required to hold still.   Fifteen yard personal foul if you in any way avoid a photograph.  Mario will act as referee and will be responsible for all calls and replay challenges.  

2.  Team Tic Tac Toe - this game will require two teams to relay race to a large tic tac toe board and place their team bean bag in a square. The first team to get a tic tac toe wins.  You cannot move your opponents bean bag, but you can move your own teams bean bag to another square.  This will be a best of five series.  Team Captains….Hubby and Guk. 

3.  Plunger Relay - this game will require two teams to relay race to get three rolls of toilet paper on a plunger (they will be new plungers!)  One player will put the plunger between their legs and attempt to retrieve a new roll of toilet paper from between the legs of their other team members onto the handle of the plunger.  No hands can be used by the plunger person or the toilet paper person!  First team to get three rolls on the plunger wins.  Team Captains….myself and The Nice One

Then we will move indoors to keep the fun rolling:

4.  Solo Cup Pyramid Stack - This is a team building game that requires teams to use only one hand and a rubber band to build a pyramid stack.  Number of teams to participate will be determined on Thursday afternoon.  No talking during this game.  No talking will be strictly enforced with Duct Tape.  First team to successfully build a pyramid wins.  Judge.....Bob

5.  Corn to Copia - This is a Minute to Win It game and will be played in teams of two.  One player will be blindfolded and given a traditional cornucopia basket.  The other player will be required to hike cobs of corn to their teammate to catch in the basket.  The corn hiker can give verbal directions to the blindfolded corn catcher.  Bring your athletic cup if you are worried about being hit in the nether regions!  The most corn caught in one minute wins.  Official time keeper….Mario

6.  What a Racket? - This is an individual Minute to Win It game.  Contestants will be required to hold a tennis racket between their legs and move a marble to the highlighted square on the racket web.  No hands may be used to hold the racket or move the marble.  Hips only!  Fastest person to land their marble in the square wins.  Official time keeper…..Mario

7.  Traffic Yams Race - This group game will require all participants to move a sweet potato across the floor to the finish line using a plastic spoon in their mouth.  No hands.  You may play defense by moving another players potato to get it off course.  First player across the finish line wins.  Bring your knee pads if you have them!!!  Judge....Bob

FINALLY....we will wrap up the days events with a traditional game of Left-Right-Center.  Please bring three (3) one dollar bills for each member of your family that wants to play.  There are big bucks at stake here so start practicing your dice rolling and don't forget your dollars.  

Hope that gets you fired up because I CANNOT WAIT!!!!  It will be a blast!!  

See you next week!

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