Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Tree (Bob)…..The Apple (Me)

I have shared a couple of Bob's misfortunate stories over the last couple of days and gotten some serious laughter out of them.  Bob is just a mess.

As the saying goes, I am my father's daughter and I have a story to tell on myself.  There should be no shortage of stories for my children to tell now that I am north of fifty!

A few weeks ago, the last football game of the season was rained out. Since the boys were back to school early, they asked if we could head over to a local chicken joint to have dinner together.  MJT's mom and I were all in and headed over to eat and celebrate the end of the football season with our boys.

As we were waiting in line to order, I started rifling through my purse for my wallet.  I couldn't find it.  Oh no, I was so embarrassed.  I look over to Anna who is standing in another line and with my face turning red said "I don't have my wallet."   She laughs and waves her credit card at me and tells me jump in her line and she will cover me.

I move over to her line, working through my embarrassment by talking a mile a minute while continuing to rifle through my purse like my huge wallet might magically appear…

"I can't imagine where it is."
"Is this what happens when you turn 50?  You start losing crap?"
"I did have my wallet out at home to put a new credit card in it.  Maybe I left it on the kitchen counter."
"Could it have fallen out in my car?"
"Wouldn't Chip have just died if I had already ordered and then realized I didn't have my wallet?"
"I am so glad I noticed before I ordered."

 I give up.  Zip up my purse.  Resign myself to worry about the whereabouts of my wallet after we eat.

Then it happens.

I sling my purse over my shoulder and y'all… wallet was under my armpit.

I had it the whole damn time.

Apparently, I took my wallet out of my purse, tucked it under my arm so I could more easily search through my purse for the very wallet I just tucked under my arm.

I lost it.  Cracked up.  I made a loud announcement to everyone in ear shot.  "OMG, I had my wallet under my arm the whole time I was looking for it."  Blank stares.  They didn't care.

Anna, however was gracious enough to look at me and say "Welcome.  Things like that happen to me EVERY day."

I asked her to take a picture of me in search mode cause I knew I would want to blog about this.  This is exactly how it went down.

What the what???  How?? 

I actually know how.  I have witnessed, participated and written about all the antics Bob has endured, so I realize this kind of stuff is just going to be his legacy.  What a gift.  Thanks Dad! 

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