Saturday, December 10, 2016

Buddy the Elf - Day Eight

The accident in the Batmobile really did a number on poor Buddy.  He is laid up in the hospital with all kinds of injuries.

Leg, arm, head injury. 

Tubes everywhere. 

What's wrong Buddy?  What are you looking at? 

Batman, you are an ass!  Get off the oxygen line!!!  

In other news….

I started coughing yesterday evening.  Not the same kind of cough as Chip had last week, but something that definitely made me want to chug a jug of NyQuil before I went to bed last night.  An annoying tickle that is sitting on the right side of my throat. You just want to reach down your throat and grab it.  Not sure what "it" is, but make it stop!  Slept great.  Hail, NyQuil!  Now to see how this plays out today.  Tonight is Ms. Beth's annual Christmas Party and I do not want to miss it!  Always a great time!   And her famous bacon wrapped dates are one of my favorite holiday treats!   Get it together throat and let's make this a great Saturday! 

You know what else is great?  
  • Harry is heading home today!  He won't get here until tomorrow, but he will be in his truck driving towards his mom today!  Hooray! 
  • I am pretty much done with my Christmas shopping.  So happy about that!
Hope your weekend is awesome! 

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