Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Buddy the Elf - Day Eighteen and Nineteen

Buddy took it easy on us for the last couple of days! 

He played nicely by himself.

And also with his friends. 

He must know Santa is coming soon! 

In other news….
  • I finally went to the doctor yesterday afternoon.  Possibly walking pneumonia.  Super similar to Chip's sickness a couple of weeks ago.  Twelve days of coughing will hopefully be cured by the antibiotics he prescribed.  Last night, after my first dose I had a horrible night of coughing, tossing and turning, ugh, ugh, ugh.  So glad I already had the antibiotics in my system or I might have just amputated my own throat.  Please be the last bad night.  Need sleep.  
  • Harry has been eating mashed potatoes like a maniac.  He loves them.
  • I made Chipped Beef and Cream over toast last night for Harry and he ate it.  Who is this guy? 
  • Chip has no interest in mashed potatoes or anything with gravy.  He is missing out. 
  • I just told Chip he had to do something with the Elf today.  I am too tired and sick to worry about that Elf.  Chip is thrilled.  I could already see the wheels turning.  Unfortunately, I crushed his spirit when he asked me if we had a giant Godzilla laying around anywhere that he could use.  This ought to be a good one.  
My hope for you is a cough free day….or maybe that is my hope for myself.  You just go out and be awesome.  I am going to hang out in my fleece robe, do some reading for work and celebrate every cough free hour I get. 

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