Friday, December 16, 2016

Buddy the Elf - Day Fourteen

Buddy must be super hungry! 

53, 53, 53….I made it to 53 posts this year.  As my two remaining readers are well aware, my blog posting has dropped off substantially over the last few years.  I love doing it.  Not sure why it is so hard to make it a priority.  So anyway, the last two years by pure coincidence I posted exactly 53 times.  I was way behind for this year and worried that I would have a new low for this year!   

But, with this Buddy head sticking out of a Cocoa Puffs box nonsense post, I have hit 53 for this year.  Whew!  
Thanks, Buddy! 

I am going to keep going, finish out the year strong and try to keep up the daily habit of posting.  Don't hold me to that.  My record isn't that good. 

Wisdom Teeth Update:

Surgery went well and we made it through Day One!   Harry was an awesome patient and true to his upbringing said some pretty funny and inappropriate things during his time coming out of anesthesia.  We have watched the videos multiple times and are still cracking up.  Totally inappropriate for broadcasting online - but just to give you a snippet, he was extremely concerned about the whereabouts of Kevin Durant.  Not sure why, but it was paramount on his mind and we discussed it at length.  He also enjoyed his Sonic chocolate shake way beyond anything he has ever eaten before.  My hilarious Harry. 

We are staying on top of the pain meds and will keep a strict routine until about Sunday.  Harry goes back to the doctor on the 21st for a follow up and then hopefully he will be released to get on with this life and eat all the food…hot, cold, soft, sharp etc. 

Have a beautiful day! 

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