Friday, December 9, 2016

Buddy the Elf - Day Seven

Uh oh Buddy…you don't mess with Batman!

That's gotta hurt! 

This one did get a laugh from my guys. 

In other news….

Let's talk about the annoying high pitched warning beep of a low battery signal from a fire alarm.  Why does that ALWAYS happen at 4:00 in the morning?  Is it a manufacturer's setting?  Do batteries get a universal test each morning at 4:00 to check to see if they are low?  A-N-N-O-Y-I-N-G!  Better than being on fire, I guess.

Can we also talk about "This Is Us"?  It is the BEST show on television.  I love it so much.  The acting is superb.  I am so invested in those characters.  I laugh, I cry, my heart breaks and then explodes.  It is so, so good!  Favorite hashtag of the week #PrayforToby.

You know what else I love?  Reading to those two little first grade pumpkins on Tuesday mornings.  They are just precious!  Unfortunately, I may have scarred them for life last Tuesday.  It all started out fine.  We read a book called SeaPark Adventure where a cute little class of animals dressed in people clothes went on a field trip to an aquarium with big fish, little fish, pretty fish, ugly fish, whales, seals and sharks.  It was super cute and there was a little hidden frog on each page the kids tried to find while we read through the book.

Well that book about sea life was a perfect lead in for the Shark Fact book I had in my bag.  It was a Level 2 book, a little too hard for them to read themselves but I thought they might find it interesting.  It started with a diagram of a shark's dorsal fin, tail, gills, etc.  Then went on to show a shark as big as a boat and one as small as a school desk.  It talked about camouflage in nature.  Tiger sharks have stripes, leopard sharks have spots, nurse sharks are the color of sand, some sharks are deep blue like the ocean.  Then it talked about shark babies.  Then it talked about shark food.

Then it destroyed their childhood with this….

Why?  We don't need to know this.  Nature is tough.  Sharks are the worst. 

Then a page later it hit us with this…..


These kids may never step a foot in the ocean.  

Thankfully, they are boys.  They thought it was awesome. Actually, they were peppering me with more facts about sharks and where they live and how you can see them.  Not sure where two six year olds get their information, or if it was even close to correct.  

I just acted casual and smiled while trying not to scream out in my mom voice "No sir!  You guys should not ever, ever, ever go into the ocean with the intention of seeing a shark!  That is crazy talk!  You stay up close to the shore. Always.  One of you can play and ride waves and the other should be a lookout.  Always swim with a buddy. And never get in the ocean in the early morning or near dusk.  That is their feeding time and no sense antagonizing nature's eating machine."   

I am so proud that I held my neurotic mom self in check.  It was hard.  
Anyone feel sorry for my two boys?  

I do feel like I need to write the publisher of this child's book a little note….Hey publisher guys….Take it easy on the eating of baby animals and people.  How about a little more…see the rows and rows of teeth and how their eyes roll back in their head.  Also, you could take this opportunity to answer the question on everyone's mind…do fish sleep?  

That is all. 

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