Thursday, December 8, 2016

Buddy the Elf - Day Six

This little jokester built a swing out of an old toilet paper roll.  He's so cute. 

I need to confess that I do this Elf business entirely for myself.  No one is racing through the house looking for the Elf.  No one in this house really cares whether the Elf moves or not.  I secretly plant Elf staging supplies all through my house and have planned out nearly the entire month.  And no one really cares.  Isn't that kinda sad?  I set my alarm to get up super early in the morning and when it goes off a message pops up on my phone that says "Elf Hiding Time".   I have some pretty sketchy ones coming up soon that I think will make some boys around here laugh.  And, if not I will laugh, because Elf on the Shelf just makes me happy. 

I obviously have issues.  

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