Sunday, December 18, 2016

Buddy the Elf - Day Sixteen


That precious little igloo Elf came out of his shell! 

A metallic bikini?  

Who does he think he is….Miley Cyrus?  

In other news:
  • Chip is out of school for the holidays.  Is there anything better? 
  • Harry is recovering from his wisdom teeth being removed.  Eating warm soft foods has been no problem. Six scrambled eggs, three servings of mashed potatoes, four bowls of chicken soup, along with some pasta with butter.  No problem with the eating.  He is not that swollen and honestly feels pretty good….outside of the hallucinations he was having last night.  He did not enjoy that.  Did not sleep a wink.  Might try backing off the pain pills and see if Tylenol and Motrin can do the trick. 
  • Lots of Office reruns happening around here as we camp out on the couch take it easy.  
  • We watched DieHard last night.  Not sure it classifies as a Christmas movie.  Surely, use of the F work precludes it being classified as appropriate holiday viewing.  
  • Not much else on the agenda for the weekend.  Watching the temperature drop about 35 degrees.  Baking some cookies, wrapping a few gifts. Easy Peasy. 
Hope your weekend is excellent.

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