Thursday, December 22, 2016

Feeling Better

Me and Harry are feeling soooooo much better!  No more coughing for me!  Antibiotics are the shiz!

Yesterday, Harry had a follow up at the dentist to make sure everything was healing up okay (it was) and they taught him how to flush out the pockets where his wisdom teeth used to be.  It was gross, but he only has to do it for a week or two until the pockets seal completely.  He can eat whatever he wants now with the exception of super sharp things like chips.  All good on that front.

Me and the boys got our flu shots yesterday.  Hoping a little prevention takes care of any flu bugs floating around out there.

We are heading to Bama this morning.  The car will be loaded down with lots of gifts and goodies and probably some grouchy folks!  It always feels so festive to pack the car and head out of the cul de sac with the family on a new adventure.  We usually start out with a stop at our favorite breakfast joint to fill up on breakfast tacos - smiles all around.  We comment on the beautiful sunrise.  Chat about this and that.  Then about five hours in you want to shoot yourself and you still have nine more hours to go!  It really isn't that bad and we will share some laughs, catch some naps, celebrate when we cross into a new state, argue about where to eat and whether to play the radio or not.  Typical road trip.  Then about nine o'clock tonight we will pull into The Bad Farm, stagger out of the car and into the warmth of a wonderful Christmas.  Totally worth. Can't wait.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas!

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