Monday, December 5, 2016

Hell Week

The week after Thanksgiving will be known as HELL Week around here.  

Chip was sick. 

He missed three and a 1/2 days of school. 

There are 168 hours in a week. 

Chip coughed for 162.75 of those hours during HELL Week. 

I medicated him with over the counter products.  He coughed anyway. 

I built mountains out of pillows to keep him propped up while he slept.  He coughed anyway. 

I tried every bed, couch and chair in this house.  He coughed anyway. 

He coughed and coughed and then coughed a little more.  

We missed our Brian Regan comedian Mom/Son date because he could not stop coughing! 

Finally, five days in we were exhausted, desperate and out of options so he went to the doctor.  

Antibiotics, steroids and an inhaler were prescribed.

He slept.  I slept.  

It was on the couch, but we slept for more than three hours.  

It was glorious.  

He went to school today.  


He is on the mend!! 

Hubby was out of town for all of it.  

Lucky man.    

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