Friday, December 2, 2016

Thanksgiving Recap

We arrived in Bama on Wednesday afternoon and and were greeted by Bob and Lana and their extra car!  Thank you to Mer and Grandpa Rental Car for sponsoring our weekend!  We had a few hours to burn before Harry's plane arrived so we took Bob and Lana to Cracker Barrel for coffee and a snack while we waited.  Harry rolled in right on time and before we knew it we were all together again.  Yay!   Look how much can change in just a few years. 



Not sure Harry has gotten any taller - but Chip sure has!  Ladies and Gentlemen….that right there is my heart walking outside of my body.  Love them so. 

We arrived at the Bad Farm and got caught up with the family and enjoyed some delicious Pork Barbecue.  Miss that in Texas. 

The next morning we were off to Tennessee to eat lunch with the Lucas clan.  Six of the seven grandchildren were in attendance.  Look how they have grown!  

The Magnificent Seven (Minus One)

Hubby got a little carried away with the hay out in the field.  He was all over it! 

This is one of his 27 poses.  We should really make a calendar.  We can call it Hay and the Hubby. 

Then, I started a massive selfie shoot - grabbing anyone who would stand with me. 

How many pictures do you need?  A lot.  It takes a lot of pictures to have this much fun and make this many memories.  As per usual, after lunch I became the game coordinator and my camera was put away never to be seen again. 

Well, I did get a few good game shots.  Maybe, not good for the person in the picture but I am cracking up just looking at them. 

Doesn't everyone celebrate Thanksgiving by putting on a hockey mask with a blindfold and holding a basket between their legs while someone tries to hike pinecones into the basket?

Seriously, you don't do that?  

How about holding a tennis racket in between your legs while trying to roll a marble into the marked square on the web?  

No, still not ringing any bells? 

Well, surely you at least played relay tic-tac-toe!   No. 

Did you run with a plunger between your legs to retrieve a roll of toilet paper from between your brothers legs?  Almost wetting your pants in the process because F U N N Y!!!  

How about….roll a sweet potato across a blacktop only using a plastic spoon in your mouth?  

Well, maybe outdoor games aren't for you.  How about some of these indoor gems? 

Left - Right - Center for dollar bills?   Big money at stake here people.  Judy won the pot! 

Team pyramid building with cups and a rubber band? 

If not, I do hope you will work on that for next year.  It was really a lot of fun. 

It will make you want to celebrate all the time! 

In fact, we went back to the Bad Farm and played it all again!!!!  

May all your family celebrations be Dab worthy!  

It was a great weekend and we ate to much, laughed a ton and generally just loved being around our people!  Also, BAMA beat Auburn so that was a sweet little bonus! 

Bring on Christmas! 

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