Thursday, January 19, 2017

Cooper - Settles In

I promise I am not going to write about Cooper every day….but right now he is consuming 95% of my waking hours, so he is the subject of the day!

He had a great day yesterday.  We are still working hard on that biting and nipping situation, but it is getting better.  Only said "No" to him about 37,549 times.  He went outside a million times yesterday and explored all of his new yard.  Dashing here and there and everywhere.  Picking up leaves and acorns and ripping up dried grass and getting tangled in the dead plants in the flower bed.  He pooped at least eight times.  Not sure where it is coming from, but even this morning he has already gone four times.  Puppy poop machine.  Every time he goes outside he pees right away and is so proud of himself.  Wags his little tail while I tell him what  a good boy he is.

Here is a picture taken outside where you can really see his weird coat coloring!  Can you see the tiny little white spot on his back with about twenty white hairs?  Precious!

A little puppy bunny video!  He hops! 


He sleeps as hard as he plays.  When he is out, he is out like a light!  In fact, we were in the kitchen yesterday with him and he went missing.  We went on a Cooper search and found him in his bed in my office curled up.  He looked up when I walked in as if to say "I needed a break.  Just going to close my eyes for fifteen minutes."  I laughed and walked back to the kitchen and he stayed in his bed for at least a thirty minute siesta!  Perfect timing so I could cook dinner without him underfoot.  

I swear he has already mastered the "sit" command and will sit immediately when asked.  Seems he will do anything for a tiny shred of chicken.  I am going to video tape it today to show you how smart he is!  

Chip has a great peekaboo game he came up with to play with Cooper.  It is so cute and keeps him occupied!  Cooper puts his butt up in the air like he is going to pounce!  Then he does!  

That is all I have for the Cooper Diaries today.  I need to get to work while he is catching some zzzzzs!   

Hope your day is great!  

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