Monday, January 23, 2017

Happy Monday

Hey all!  I hope your weekend was great.  Mine was pretty slow, but I enjoy pretty slow.  I need to hit work pretty hard this week to move some projects along.  Let me give you a cliff notes version of the weekend and a few puppy pictures for Cooper's Fan Club.
  • It was terrifically windy here on 40 mile an hour winds whipping around all day. It was odd.  
  • I watched a couple of new shows on Netflix that I thought were terrific...The Crown and House of Cards.  Highly recommend both. 
  • Today is Day 8 of my Whole30.  Feeling pretty good....but damn the dishes!  So many dishes when you cook every single meal.  
  • Ten For Him, the giving group I am in, met last night to kick off the 2017 season!  We heard two stories of people who have endured real hardship.  One woman had been taking care of her completely incapacitated husband, who suffered from a stroke nine years ago that left him unable to care for himself.  He couldn't even speak.  That same sweet woman then got cancer and within a year she was gone.  Her children have to deal with the loss of their mom and take up the care of their father.  So Hard.  Another story was a terrifying story about a woman who gave birth to a baby and then after delivery suffered a major medical event (aneurysm or heart attack) that damaged her heart so bad she required a heart transplant.  Talk about a horrible situation to have a sweet new baby and a heart that can't sustain you. The baby just turned a year old and the mom got a new heart!  Really puts life,  and the size of your problems and struggles into perspective. 
  • I deleted the Facebook app from my phone.  People are being so awful to each other over the election.  I am over it. 
  • After about three days, Cooper has finally picked up "Shake".  Woo Hoo!  I will give his little brain a little time to rest and practice and then we are adding in "Down". 
  • Cooper's first vet appointment is today at 10:30.  Hope he doesn't bite the vet. 
  • He killed a branch.  He also killed a frisbee, but I don't have a picture. 

  • He slept a TON on Saturday.  I mean a serious TON.  He probably 18 hours of the day.  He was exhausted. He must be growing. 

That's it for me.  Hope your Monday is kind.  Find someone to be extra nice to.  We could all use a little extra nice! 

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