Saturday, January 21, 2017

He Sleeps - Thank God

After looking through my puppy pictures yesterday, it occurred to me that most of the pictures are of this turbo puppy sleeping!  Awake pictures of Cooper are hard for a couple of reasons:

1)  He is a moving target - and I mean CONSTANT motion.
2)  He is biting me, making it hard to hold a camera and remove his mouth from my ankle, shoe, sock, arm, shirt and face.
3)  He is biting whatever I am holding, including the camera.
4)  He is biting something inappropriate, like the metal edge of the treadmill, the carpet, the spindle of the kitchen chair, the handle on the kitchen cabinet, my office chair.

Please enjoy the photo exhibit below. I call it "He Sleeps - Thank God"

I did get a few action shots on my cell phone yesterday, when Cooper hit some major milestones in his development. 

He killed a broom.  Apparently, he hates brooms as much as he hates rakes. I can already tell he is going to be a great protector. If a burglar ever sneaks into our house with a rake or a broom in their hand, they are totally going to get what is coming to them! 

I dropped a piece of celery on the floor and he did a snag and run.  Then he tried to eat it like a bone. So, good on you for trying vegetables, Cooper.  Proud of you.  He was not happy when I took it away from him! 

In other news...YES, there is a little bit of Non-Cooper news:
  • Chip had a scheduled meeting yesterday afternoon with his school guidance counselor to set his class schedule for the next three years of high school.  Seriously?  How about we slam this thing called life into reverse and just start over with preschool.  Can we?  Please?  Parents were invited to the meeting, so I met Chip in the counselor's office and she helped him lay out his next three years to make sure he covered all his mandatory requirements with enough credits to graduate.  It was very beneficial and informative and he was actually pretty jazzed about some of the classes he has in his future....Sports and Entertainment Marketing; Forensics.  Very cool. Side note:  It was 80 degrees here yesterday and I had on a short sleeve shirt.  The counselor sees my shredded hands and arms and says "New Kitten?"  I say "New Puppy."  She nods and says "Ah yes, I recognize the signs.  Mine is about a year old and yesterday he destroyed the couch."  I did not need to hear that.  
  • Harry is working hard at school, although his schedule is ridiculously easy.  Of course, he worked it out to have Friday off.  That is a given.  Then a couple of his classes are just one day a week and start at like four o'clock in the afternoon. The one day a week classes are several hours long, but still.  I think he only has one traditional Tues/Thursday class and maybe an online class.  It is hard to keep up.  He is taking his first class on the main Tempe campus this semester which requires a 20 minute drive for him.  He is also on the hunt for an internship this summer.  He has found several opportunities he is really interested in, so fingers crossed that one of those works out for him to get some real world experience. 
  • This Whole30 challenge would not be hard if you could just have pizza and alcohol.  And bread.  Bread would be nice.  And cheese.  I miss cheese.  And just a little something sweet. Other than that....piece of cake.  Today is Day 6.
  • I am also doing a Bible Verse memory challenge with my sister.  Just two verses a month. Since my brain is tired and I am a tiny bit sleep deprived I went with a pretty simple verse  this time..."Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7.   
Hope your weekend is awesome!

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