Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hot Mess

Hot mess. 

Checking himself out in the mirror.  
He was actually sitting on the top step and just gazing at himself, but by the time I grabbed the camera he was on the move.  

I introduced "down" yesterday and he has dang near already picked it up.  He really is smart - although the biting is still an issue.  It is waning, but this boy is mouthy.  One method we have read to curb the biting is to bark or yip loudly when they bite too hard and hurt you.  Chip barks more than a beagle.  Not sure if it is working, but we are all about being persistent that biting is a big, fat NO! 

I am going to try to video tape him "shaking" today.  So exciting, right? 
 Just a tickler to keep you coming back for more.  

In other news....
  • I made tostones for the first time yesterday along with a yummy, delicious, fresh, bright, spicy bowl of Mean Green Sauce.  EXCELLENT!  Plantains?  Who even knew what to do with them?  I could seriously eat gobs, gobs, and gobs of these!  And they are Whole30 compliant! Hooray!  Most definitely a great Super Bowl snack!   Try them! 

  • Chip has a cold.  Or allergies.  Or something that comes with a stuffy nose.  Didn't he just have a cold?  I swear he did.  
  • Today is going to be a busy one with work and some meetings this evening.  And puppy watching.  Lots and lots of puppy monitoring!  Let's hope today is a sleepy day...and I mean for the puppy - not for me!  
Have a great Hump Day!  

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