Friday, January 20, 2017

More Cooper....

I know, I know!  I said I wouldn't just post updates on this little guy, but I can't help it.  He's so cute!  This is like another "Buddy the Elf" daily series, but I just changed up the name to "Cooper the Pup!"  Hope you like cute pictures of puppies, because that is all I have for you today.  Well, I also have 100 tiny red scratches on my hand, arms, ankles and neck where this sweet guy is loving me to death with his razor sharp teeth and claws, but no pictures to share of those.  You are welcome!  Let's get on with the cute puppy! 

We had a photo session during our mid morning romp in the yard. 

He is a natural. 

Those ears. 


Then he crashed HARD.

Then we raked up some leaves in the afternoon.  Cooper was super helpful! 

He killed a rake today.  That tiny guy not only killed the rake, but he drug it about five feet too.  It was a good workout for him and way better than biting my shoes. 

Then he crashed HARD! 


Then we practiced his "come" and "sit" commands and introduced "shake".  Super smart!  

Then he was physically and mentally exhausted!  Crashed HARD!  
Do you see a pattern here? 
Play HARD - Sleep HARD!
Put him in his crate about 9:00 pm and he was raring to go at 4:15 am.  

It is as challenging as can be expected with a puppy, but he is improving and settling in very well.  I can almost see him growing right in front of my eyes.  

Enough about this rugrat!  In other news, I am on Day 5 of a Whole30 challenge and am starving!  Time for breakfast!  The best, easiest, most wonderful meal of the day! 

Have an awesome Friday!!!!  

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