Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Stalker

This little baby.  


Don't let the adorable little fuzzy body fool you. 

Or the darling little sleepy face. 

He is a killer.  
He has killed a rake.  
He killed a broom.  
He killed a frisbee.  
Now he is killing laundry!  

Born predator, I tell you  

Just kidding.  He isn't a killer.  He is more of a stalker. 

I introduced him to the kong.  
A kong filled with banana, carrots and chicken.  He was obsessed!  
Got at least a solid 45 minutes out of him working on that thing!  

In addition to being a stalker, he is a leaf eater, hole digger and a cat napper.  

He snoozes a lot. 

Look at this pose!  

He is very smart.  He has mastered "sit" "shake" "down" and now we are moving on to "roll over".  Roll over isn't practical, but it is fun!  

I have also been working with him on the leash.  
We walk around the house and a little bit down the cul-de-sac.  
He is doing pretty well.  

Here he is in action.


This morning was his first bath.  It was with medicated shampoo.  He was not impressed.  I was soaping him down and Chip was funneling him bits of chicken to make the bath something yummy and good.  He was taking the chicken but also whining and clawing to get out of the tub at the same time.  I was hoping the "where is the chicken" side of his brain would take over the "holy crap, why are you trying to drown me" side of his brain.  It didn't work.  Good news is we get to do it again on Wednesday!  Two days a week until further notice! 

Hope your weekend is better than great! 

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