Thursday, January 12, 2017

Top Ten Tidbits

Welcome 2017.   Let's see if we can get back into some kind of routine with this blog!  The easiest way to do that is to jump in with a Top Ten Tidbits to give you a recap of the last month and then start fresh!  

Here we go…..

1.  Christmas on The Bad Farm was great.  We stayed ten days.  That is long.  I am not even sure I could stay in Hawaii for ten days.  Anyway, we filled the time with food, family and fun. The fun came in all shapes and sizes.  Turning the dining room into a winter wonderland with cutout snowflakes and cotton ball snow garland with two precious girls was a highlight of my vacation!  At nine and fourteen years old they were the perfect age to be wildly creative and it was the best! Coffee time in the morning with my girls.  Burning boxes with Chip…not something we get to do around here and it is really kind of fun.  Some one-on-one time with my brother, does not happen often enough. Ditto for some wonderful time with my sister.  In fact, The Nice One and I single handily helped Alabama beat Washington by distracting each other with recipe talk and taking down Christmas decor at Mom and Dad's house.  Just doing our part.  There was also puzzle building and Trouble playing.  Cooking schnitzel for a big ol' batch of Bama boys.  Hanging out with my folks - does my heart good!  

That was hardly a Tidbit.  More like a Tidlot.  Let's shorten things up for this speed round. 

2.  Harry is back at school.  Always a bit blue when that happens.  Doesn't help that it is a bit cold and dreary and all the Christmas fanfare is over.  I miss him.  We all miss him.  He completes us and we have to get used to him not being here.  

3.  The day Harry was set to depart for Phoenix, we took his truck in to be checked because the BRAKE light was on.  Turns out, his brake line was cut/damaged/not holding brake fluid.  Parts impossible to find in the area.  Would take a couple of days to track them down.  So Harry had to take my Suburban to Phoenix.  I miss my Suburban and plan to meet him halfway to switch cars this weekend.  File this under…."It is always something" and "Thank God we didn't let him drive with no brakes!"

4.  We are getting a puppy.  At least, I think we have found one.  They keep getting adopted out from under us!  There have been two others we found online at various rescue organizations that have been adopted before we even could get our application submitted. But I think this one might be the one.  We are going to meet him on Monday.  His name is going to be Cooper.  Stayed tuned for pictures. 

5.  Bama lost the College Football Championship game to Clemson.  Chip was so sad.  It is hard to take, especially when damn near the whole country is over your team and really want them to lose.  I get it.  They won 26 in a row.  It is annoying!  But, it was a great game and you know that all those players left it all on the field.  Dabo Swinney, the coach for Clemson, is a super neat guy and was an Alabama graduate and played football on the team when Alabama won a championship in the 90's.  Losing to one of your own makes it a little easier to take.  I could barely even watch the game.  It just ties me up in knots.  I honestly think about how hard those kids have worked (both teams) to make it to that moment.  I have never worked that hard for anything in my life.  And their mothers!  Can you imagine the knots they have watching their babies chase their dreams on such a big stage and under so much pressure.  What angst!  Or, is it just me???    

6.  This weather has been bizzaro!  It was 18 degrees last Thursday and this Thursday it is 80.  YIKES!  Can we just have some 60's for a minute?  The leaves have all fallen off the trees in the backyard.  I mean, every single leaf.  The backyard has drifts of leaves.  Time to get to raking! 

7.  Politics.  I just can't. 

8.  Kicking off the new year juicing regularly and cooking lots of good whole healthy foods. Made a beautiful crustless asparagus quiche, vegan bean salad, wild caught Salmon with basil.  Wild caught Salmon is the shizzzz!  Yum! 

9.  Chip injured his left arm lifting weights in athletics.  Strained/torn/ripped something in his tricep area.  A pain.  Really it has been a pain.  Today he said it felt a little better.  Hooray! 

10.  We saw a bald eagle on our drive to Alabama. It was very cool and we pulled over, turned around and went back just to make sure we weren't imagining it.  We weren't.  

That's it.  

Tomorrow we start fresh!  

Let's make this the year of sweet moments that bring a tear to your eye.  Those are my favorite kind! 

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