Friday, February 10, 2017

Afternoon Blues

It's Friday!  Woo Hoo! Something so lovely about Friday!  Here is picture of Cooper that looks like it has been altered to make him appear huge.  Sadly, I am not adept at making those kinds of purposeful intentions happen with my iPhone 5 camera.  He is sitting in Chip's lap and Chip is leaning back a little bit, but honestly I just think Cooper is growing at the speed of light.

Also, he looks so angry. Cooper - not Chip.  Sometimes he IS angry.  Actually, between 3 - 7:30 pm on the daily like clockwork, he is totally pissed off.  Not so much the "afternoon blues" but more like possessed by evil spirits.  Not sure what that is about, but I ordered a Caeser Millan book because I need to get his behavior corrected before he is as big as a house.  Let's see what the Dog Whisperer has to say about that and how we can fix it.

I purchased a couple of new cheap dog bath accessories this week that have made an enormous difference in bath time with Cooper.  (Note:  He hates bath time, but must be washed with a medicated shampoo twice weekly to treat some kinda of skin condition he has. So, like it or not, he is spending some time in the tub getting his skin medicated.)  The first life saver I purchased is a hand held shower wand that connects to the faucet.  Much, much easier to rinse him off.  Gentle, quiet and way better than a cup.  You can move it all around and get in all the upside down places.  Game changer.  The other is an industrial strength suction cup with a foam cushioned collar to go around your dogs neck and hold them in place in the tub.  So instead of Cooper clawing at my arms and the side of the tub trying to get out, he is held by the lead in the center of the tub where I can wash and rinse him much more easily.  Yesterday's bath was without any new cuts and scrapes on my hands and arms.  Hooray.  Now if I can just get him to chill and not whine like he is being skinned alive.  He was contained in the tub yesterday and easily rinsed, but he was not happy about it!

In other non-Cooper news.....
  • I changed the background on my Blog.  What do you think?  
  • Work is good.  Sticking to about 5 hours a day.  Feeling useful - doing good stuff.  Can't complain.  Did you hear that?  I can't complain.  About work.  Yea, that's right.  
  • Our new Bible Study is very, very interesting and thought provoking.  I like thought provoking until it starts provoking thoughts that are hard to face.  Doing the work.  Digging in.  Taking heart.  Hopefully, working some things out inside myself. 
  • The weather has been awesome. Spending lots of time out in the yard, cutting back, cleaning out, watching for new growth.  It is the best time of the year. 
  • Where are all the damn leaves coming from?  The trees are bare.  I have been raking leaves for weeks. 
  • Home maintenance. Yuck.  Short list of items that need to be addressed:  Toilet handle broken in master bathroom.  Need trees trimmed away from roof.  Gutter filters washed off of limbs, leaves and debris.  Air filter changed in A/C attic unit along with maintenance.  Softener needs salt. Need to re-caulk some areas on the exterior siding of the house.  It is always something, and usually a lot of things. 
  • I wish I liked watching basketball on TV, but I just don't. In person, it is fantastic.  Sports this time of year is the pits for me. 
That is all I have for now!  I hope your weekend is fantastic! 

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