Saturday, February 25, 2017

Cooper Update

Hello all!  Let's get you up to speed on Cooper, because  honestly there isn't much else going on around here.   

First, he is still alive. 

Since you last saw him, he has had a couple of big adventures.  He went to the vet and is up to 18ish pounds.  All caught up on his vaccinations so that means he started puppy school and I booked him a couple of puppy play dates with furry friends in the neighborhood. 

He was a ROCKSTAR at Puppy School and the teacher used him as her demo dog for all activities. He is very food driven and her dried liver would have made him walk across hot coals.  As it was, he just needed to sit, come when his name was called and practice the "look" command.  He was very interested in the other dogs and people.  There were five other dogs there and I think he was the most social of the bunch.  He was friendly - not aggressive.  I was so pleased.  Never mind that he howled like his tail was stuck in the door the whole way to puppy school and home.  He is not a fan of the car, but we are working on that.  

He is getting at least two (usually three) walks a day.  He is a great walker. 

He killed a small snake in the yard.  

He played with Sandy's two Papillon dogs on Thursday at their house and it went pretty well.  He was much more interested in sniffing out every corner of Sandy's house and backyard than he was in the pups at first.  Then he peed on her floor.  Mortifying.  Then he started playing a little too rough and was getting some growls in return.  It was just what he needed.  For the most part, I thought it was a huge success and was so appreciative of the exposure and experience for him. 

Chip and Coop in the car.  He is getting better! 

He has now mastered "Sit", "Shake", "Down", "Roll over" and we are working on Dead Dog.  He  really likes tricks because he really likes treats! 

This morning he had another play date with a puppy named Reggie.  Reggie is a tiny little thing and Cooper was mostly interested in running him over and trying to pin him.  Reggie spent a lot of time growling at Cooper and eventually the tables turned and Reggie was chasing Cooper.  They were both exhausted.  

Cooper is still a little nippy but getting better. - I have been shooting him with a spray bottle and although he  doesn't hate it, he doesn't love it.  It generally stops his behavior for a few minutes. 

I will end with this adorable video of his ears flapping in the wind.  We are parked up at the high school waiting on Chip and the wind is very breezy!  This cracked me up! 


That is all for now.  Hope your weekend is glorious! 

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  1. I feel compelled to defend poor, sweet Cooper. It was not Cooper's fault that he tinkled on the floor. He was merely "covering up" a spot (dare I admit two spots?) where my darling adopted Chance previously forgot his manners (read as: MARKED THE CORNER OF THE COUCH) and it escaped our notice.

    Note to anyone brave enough to adopt an 8 year old dog: Do NOT give your "new" adorable adopted baby free reign in your house, even if the "adoption agency" or prior owner SWEARS said dog is house-trained. Let's just say that our house has been more than adequately marked by Chance, he wants everyone to know it is HIS and he has no attention of pulling up stakes and moving to another home ever again.

    There is definitely a reason God made babies, kittens and puppies CUTE. Cooper is beyond cute and I don't know how his mama ever tells that sweet face no. He's just a pup and he behaved beautifully, no matter what his Mama alleges!