Saturday, February 4, 2017

Cooper Walks Himself

Cooper loves to go for a walk with his leash.  He is not supposed to be around other dogs or in places where other dogs have been because he still needs to finish his vaccinations.  I have been practicing him in the house with his leash and we take a short walk to the mailbox once a day. He is a bit of a scaredy cat, but does much better than I ever imagined he would.  A few treats in my pocket keep him moving forward and close.  Of course, he spends most of the walk thinking he is walking himself.  He proudly struts down the street with his leash in his mouth.  It is adorable. 

He is getting better every day, but gets really crazy with the snapping, lunging, biting in the early evenings.  Especially, if we lay on the floor and play with him.  It just seems to make him think we are inviting him to come at us.  So, we are going to cut out playing with him on the floor in the evenings to see if we can curb that behavior.

In the mornings, he is pretty sweet for playtime with Chip. 

I assume in the mornings he is well rested and fed so he can behave nicely.  In the evenings, he just gets tired and cranky like a toddler and can't control himself.  Time and consistency will help I am sure.  I have to keep reminding myself we have only had him 18 days....even though sometimes it feels like months and months.  It is a marathon! 

In other news....
  • Chip did not make the high school baseball team.  He thought tryouts had gone pretty well but he was definitely nervous.  He found out Wednesday morning about 15 minutes before the school day started and was devastated.  It was a very painful day for him and it was pretty sucky to have to see him walk through that.  He went through Wednesday holding in his emotions, finding the courage to congratulate his friends that did make the team and making me so proud. Heart could literally have burst when he told me he had congratulated the other boys.  I picked him up about an hour early from school on Wednesday and we hit Sonic hard. Ate some junk food and sat in the car shedding some tears, using inappropriate curse words, plotting funny revenge and trying to find some humor in the pain. We talked about it a lot and felt all the hard and awful emotions.  It was the pits.  But today, it hurts less and tomorrow it will hurt even less. Love that kid.

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