Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Trash Can and Sushi

Blog titles are the worst. This one is no exception. See if you could have come up with anything better after reading this riveting content.

Chip told me yesterday that using only the letters in our last name (no repeats, no extras) you can spell TRASH CAN.  How in the hell could I have not figured this out before??

We immediately called Harry to fill him in on this stunning family news and he shocked us with some bigger news....Harry tried SUSHI and he LIKED it.  He had salmon and tuna rolls and something with tempura shrimp and thought it was delicious!  WHO IS THIS GUY?  Expanding his food horizons like a boss.

I have resigned myself that Cooper can only behave if I have a bag of chicken in my hand. With the anticipation of a tiny bit of chicken in his future, he is an absolute angel.  Lays down perfectly, looks at you with those sweet eyes, follows commands, pays no mind to people walking by.  I can get through prepping, cooking and eating dinner with him obediently parked on this kitchen rug....although the presence of a broom or rake can definitely break the chicken trance.  Now, make no mistake...the minute (no, the second) the chicken is gone or out of sight, he loses his mind.  He bites feet, shoes, pants, pulls curtains, drags blankets and pillows off the couch, digs holes in the back yard and basically terrorizes the place and the people sharing the place with him.  The chicken trance gives me hope that he can I just need him to want to behave.  Big difference between the two. 

After some research online, I have started putting on his training leash during the day and just letting him drag it around behind him.  I can easily step on the leash to restrict him from jumping, biting, pulling on pants, lunging at ankles by just stepping on the leash.  I try to give him about six or eight inches of slack.  Enough to stand up, but not go anywhere.  He does not like being restricted and fusses quite a bit.  Within a minute he seems to calm down and I step off.  Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 times until he moves on to some other activity, but it does seem to be working.  

I honestly don't remember Astro being so mouthy or aggressive as a puppy.  Chip was only 18 months old when we brought Astro home and I don't remember ever worrying about him biting or snapping at my toddler.  I do recall that Astro responded well to just a stern voice and a harsh look. Cooper gives zero shits about my stern voice or my harsh looks.  He takes it as a challenge and ramps up his barking, snapping, grabbing, lunging to prove he can out harsh me.  I will keep trying new tactics until I find what works for this guy.  May be that I always have a bag of cooked chicken in my pocket.  We shall see.  

Let's just take a moment to look at the amazing growth of a puppy.  These pictures were taken sixteen days apart. 

I think he is on steroids.  

This was taken last night. 
He is 11 weeks old....looking like a grown dog but totally still a baby.

Hope your hump day is without too many humps! 

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