Monday, March 22, 2010

Family Fun in Houston - Part II

Gotta cover the cool little hotel that we stayed at in Houston. For sports fans it was pretty sweet. It is called the Inn at the Ballpark.

It was located directly across the street from Minute Maid Park. You literally could not get any closer to the park without actually being in the park.

This picture was taken from right outside Minute Maid Park. So when I say it is close, I mean it is super close.

This is the lobby of the hotel. Super retro clock in the center and leather couches all over the place. Touches of baseball everywhere you looked. Statues, pictures, wooden baseballs on the banister with all the National League teams. Very tastefully done. It was luscious.

In the lobby by the elevators.

Our room with King Size bed and pull out sofa bed.

The other side of the room. Very spacious - I think the hotel information said it was 350 sq ft or something.

The bathroom was glorious! Stand up shower and a separate tub. We don't get out much so of course the boys had to get in the shower stall. Even with your clothes on this is just fun. I won't tell you about all the fun they with the phone by the toilet.

The coasters under the glasses were baseballs.

The "Do Not Disturb Sign" was a baseball bat. How cute is that?

View from our hotel window over to Minute Maid Park. Have I mentioned how convenient and close this hotel is in proximity to Minute Maid Park? I know I have beat that dead horse to death, right? All I can say is that good thing it is not baseball season or I am sure our room rate would have been out of sight! As it was off-season it was practically reasonable for staying downtown Houston.

Okay, enough about the absolutely fabulous hotel accommodations. Let's see the rest of the action from our weekend.

Celtics Game. Good seats. Celtics Win. Fun had by all.

Went to the cutest little play at the Main Street Theatre. It was Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business. The boys all thought it was going to be a dud - but we all loved it. We laughed so hard at the crazy antics of Junie B and rolled on the floor at the guy playing William. Hysterical. Lots of "What was your favorite part?" going on in the car after the performance. For the record, my favorite part was when William was sitting in the classroom with a classic "Duh?" look on his face. Priceless.

Then we had the bright idea of heading over to the Galleria Mall. In hindsight it was the biggest mistake of the weekend. IT WAS PACKED. We were at The Mall of America on the day before Christmas Eve this year and it looked like barren compared to this place. Wall to wall cars outside and wall to wall people inside. It was crazy.

We did manage to shuffle over to the new Lego store they opened and it was worth the trip just to see this new gadget they have. You pick a box up off the shelf - hold it up the camera here at the Digital Box and then on the screen it brings a 3D rendering of what's in the box to life. It shows all the doors that will open, the little lego people climbing in and out of the vehicle. SO COOL! When I type in all caps, just imagine my eyebrows shooting up and me really emphasizing my words. I mean REALLY COOL!

Last, but not least we hit a Houston Aero's minor league hockey game. Again, really good seats and it was a fun game to watch. I only had to turn my head at one major fight. I hate those hockey fights. If I wanted a boxing match I would have bought a ticket to see boxing. Skate already.

So, it was just a couple of days, but we packed alot of fun in! Of course this morning Chip could hardly get out of bed. Stomach hurt, head itched, back hurt, some other part of the front of his arm hurt and basically he just hates going to school. Especially on Mondays!

Harold fortunately was hooked up with a Hiking/Spelunking all day Field Trip so he was good to go! Tomorrow will be another story. Hubby took off to chaperon the fun outdoor field trip, so he might be a little grouchy tomorrow too!

Pretty quiet week ahead to ease back into after a week off! Let's hope it stays that way!

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